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Yoga for New Mums

Yoga for New Mums is a modified vinyasa flow designed for women who have recently given birth and are keen to get back on the mat. It’s a balanced flow that strengthens the whole body, while simultaneously relaxing areas of tension and tightness. Yoga for New Mums focuses on gentle stretching & releasing achy muscles, whilst restoring the core & strengthening the pelvic floor.

With the ambient lighting and cosy atmosphere of the pod that make our  signature classes so popular, but with the heat switched off for a gentler practice, our post-natal classes are the perfect middle ground for new mothers to reconnect with both body and mind.

Suitable after your postnatal check. The best time for postnatal yoga following birth is 6 weeks post vaginal birth & 10-12 weeks post abdominal birth, until your ready to move to a general yoga class. 

Some of the Benefits of Postnatal Yoga- Ease aches & pains; Improve posture; Strengthen the pelvic floor; Helps to decrease stress and anxiety;  Improve sleep; Supports relaxation.

Suitable for mama's with babies aged 6 weeks (10 weeks post C-Section, forceps or 4th degree tear.) I will guide you through bespoke sequences so you feel rejuvenated by working with your body to rebuild your core strength.

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Customer FAQs

Q. Pricing?
A. You can attend classes on any of our class passes or memberships, just purchase a single class pass £12 or a 5 class pack £55 or 10 class pack £90 here and book yourself in.

Q. At what point can I attend?
A. After you have been signed off by your doctor to return to exercise- definitely not before 6 weeks post-partum

Q. If I had a vaginal/cesarean birth can I still come?
A. As long as your doctor signs you off, of course :)

Q. Can babies come?
A. Yes, as long as they are pre-crawling - the more the merrier

Q. Are there changing facilities?
A. We have a baby changing mat and a nappy bin, you just need to bring the rest

Q. What if my baby starts to fuss?
A. Crying is very much allowed- you can stop at any point in the class and take your baby out of the pod or sit in the
pod and nurse them- the door will be unzipped at all times

Q. Can I take a pram?
A. We don’t have much space, so if at all possible, we’d prefer you to bring a baby carrier

Q. Can I breastfeed?
A. Of course. Any type of feeding is encouraged if your baby needs it

Q. What actually is the class? Why can’t dads come?
A. The class will focus on strengthening exercises for the abdominal wall, deeper core, and lower back, as well as
releasing exercises to reduce tension and tightness in the neck, shoulders and upper back. We focus a lot on your
pelvic floor so unfortunately this one is not for dads.

Q. How many people will be in the class?
A. Up to 10 people at a time

Q. Will the pod be hot?
A. No! We just use the pod for the beautiful immersive experience, none of the heaters will be on

Q. Why should I practice in the pod?
A. This is a great opportunity to meet other local mums, to have some you time, while not worrying about childcare.
Plus we’ve found that babies really love hanging out in the pod

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Childrens  Yoga & Teen Yoga 

Children's Yoga classes are exciting, creative and calming, combining fitness, fun and relaxation in each unique class. Yoga and mindfulness is combined to encourage kids to grow in confidence and to the best of their ability. 

Each session is 30 – 45 minutes and takes children aged between 2.5 and 16 on an imaginary adventure, which they act out using Yoga postures. They release physical tension from the body by stretching and practicing calming breathing exercises before lying down for a relaxing ‘eyes closed story’.


The children will use their imaginations through yoga and have great fun they are also improving their health and studies have shown their academic ability.

If you are interested in more information or would like me to come into your school or nursery please get in touch via the contact form.

Children Meditating
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